Monday, September 26, 2022

Do’s And Don’ts While Dating A Cougar Woman

You are dating a cougar woman and it’s your first time. You really want to be to make it special for you so that your cougar partner will remain with you for long and you can completely enjoy the older women dating and feel the excitement to date an older woman. It doesn’t matter what kind of your cougar woman and what she really likes in dating, but it’s quite sure that if you are dating a cougar woman for the very first time, you need some special cougar dating tips that will help you what to do to impress your cougar date and what you should not do so that you won’t embarrass your date. Here are the best tips that will help you in your first cougar date.

Praise her beauty and physical – it’s quite true that you are dating a cougar woman that is quite old to you. When you meet your cougar woman for a date, it’s quite necessary to praise her beauty and appearance. Just a one single line will impress her and make your day. Wow, you look beautiful is quite the most perfect line when you date a cougar woman.

Pay bills by your own, some time – you are dating a cougar woman and it doesn’t mean that she is the only one that can pay bills all the time. Be a man and pay bill by your own.

Never say anything about her age – there are many things that you can say to her but make sure that you never compare her age to anyone. Not even in a good manner. Comments like – wow, you look pretty young and you don’t have any wrinkles. This won’t work well and you don’t have to do this when you are dating a cougar woman. She knows that she is older than you and by saying this; you will make her realize that she is dating a young cub.

Never act like a child – you are dating an older woman and she expect some sincerity form you. It’s okay that you are younger than her but it doesn’t mean that you are talking senseless.

Never bring your mother in a conversation – as it’s a date and you are dating a cougar woman, it doesn’t mean that you are comparing your cougar woman to your mother. If you did this in between your date, soon the conversation end and you might get rejected too from cougar dating.

If you have other plan or option, never hide them – you are dating a cougar woman and it doesn’t mean that you have follow her all plans or agree on everything what she says to you. If you have other better options or plans than never hesitate to share those with your cougar date, some guys never do this as they don’t want to face any argument from their cougar dating partner.

These are quite few but important things that you must care before or in between your cougar date.

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