Monday, September 26, 2022

Things that I love in cougar dating

Thing that I love about cougar dating is there are so many things in cougar hookup dating that you learn from your cougar dating partner. Dating an older woman is an amazing experience that I feel. If you haven’t date any cougar woman till now, it’s the most amazing thing that you are missing till now. I start dating a cougar woman when I was 19 and till now, I had dated couple more older woman. I love to date an older woman instead of teen age girl as there is lot of experience and fun when you are dating an older woman.

There are lots of things that you need to know about older women dating and if you are making your mind about dating an older woman, here are few of the best benefits that you have while dating an older woman. I personally feel that older woman are more attractive, sexy and wild in bed as compare to teen age girl. This post is all about cougar dating and the things that I love about cougar dating. Here are few things that I am going to share via this post.

Older woman knows what they want – sharing bed or going intimate in granny dating is quite common thing but the main thing here about cougar dating is that they know what they need from you and they also know how to get. Cougar woman are experienced and don’t shy in bed and say what they feel or what they want. They can even guide you in bed when it comes to pleasure or having fun with each other.

Cougar woman are experienced woman and do experience the best and the worse sexual relation in her life. So, they know how well or bad you are right in your first encounter with her.

Cougar woman are self dependent – when you are dating a teen age girl, it means that you have to bear all dating expenses as well as her personal expenses too because they don’t have any savings. But when you are dating a cougar woman, you don’t have to worry about expenses any more as cougar women have savings and they are self dependent.

You will know lot more things – when you are dating a cougar woman, you have to prepare yourself and must know about your future or carrier as she will definitely ask from you about this and guide you the best.

No need to tell her about your plan if you are going out – this is one of the best benefits that you have while dating a cougar woman. There’s no need to tell her or intimate your cougar woman if you are making any plan to go out or haven’t contacted or call her for last couple of days. But if you are dating a teen age girl, it becomes more important to let her know about all your plans that where you are going and how long you have been there.

These are the best benefits of dating an cougar woman, that’s why I love dating an older woman instead of teen age girl.

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